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Ibiza Island 
Ibiza Island is one of the Spanish islands in the Mediterranean Sea, in the archipelago known as the Balearic Islands. The island is self-governing. The name of the island is dry. It is a tourist destination with many visitors. Individuals and institutions have many celebrations on their land, and the area of ​​the island about 571 km², while the population is about 132.637 people according to the statistics in 2010.

About the island of Ibiza 
The history of Ibiza Island 
The island of Ibiza witnessed many epochs and civilizations, settled by the Phoenicians as the first human group to reside on the island, in 654 BC, and called it (Palm Island) at the time to be controlled by the Assyrians then, During the reign of the Romans, Ibiza witnessed the historic era under the Byzantines, until the Islamic conquests reached through the Maghreb. The other sons of Ghana were Muslims, and in 1235 the Christian religion returned to the island.

The climate of the island of Ibiza 
The climate of the island is a Mediterranean climate, or according to the climate of the Mediterranean basin, the climate in the winter is wet, but in the summer the temperature is moderate, and often the temperature in Ibiza is lower, compared to the surrounding islands, and around The average temperature in the two seasons, the temperature in winter, about fifteen degrees Celsius, and during the summer the temperature to 30 degrees Celsius, which made it a tourist destination for many lovers of the sea, and the temperate summer atmosphere.

Tourist activities in Ibiza Island

Going to the beautiful beaches: The best beaches are those in Cala Lunga, in addition to the coasts of the village of Santa Eulalia, Palaias de Santa Eulalia, and Cala Blanca. Apart from the beaches of San Antonio, the island is generally known for its azure water, soft white sand, Which visitors enjoy watching with the evening sea slump.

Mountain climbing: The island is meant for many climbing enthusiasts, including the mountains and rocky heights favored by climbers, providing them with the scenic views of the island according to the elevation point they reach.

Walking: Due to the small size of the island, it is possible to walk on foot or by means of a suitable transport such as bicycles. 

Going to restaurants: The island has many coastal restaurants where you can dine with friends and family, serving dishes known as the Mediterranean region, as well as some international meals such as sushi.

Water sports: swimming, windsurfing, canoeing and other favorite sports such as diving, but diving on Ibiza Island is not officially or confined to an activity organized by a resort, which adds pleasure to diving more than once and individually.


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