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Has one of the most beautiful islands in the whole world, because of its charming nature, enchanting and captivating eyes, the splendor of the turquoise water which blends with the greenery of its heights, which harbor different types of birds, give life a special splendor, no The most beautiful and not brilliant, it is a natural masterpiece, hardly enough volumes in the description and singing.

Ko Lipe Island is located in Sutton County in southwest Thailand, bordered by the National Lake Park, one of the islands of the Adang Rawi archipelago, located in the Adman Sea. The name of Ku Libi is island or island paper, and to this day it is still an undiscovered island. Chauki discovered it when he traveled from one island to another in Thailand in search of fishing grounds to feed his tribe.
This island contributes to the increase and support of tourism in the country, as visitors flock to it from different countries, and the best time to visit the island of Ko Libi from November to May. One of the most popular games in this island is the snooker table, which can be explored by riding a motorcycle, and also for diving enthusiasts. This island is a good place to enjoy an exciting atmosphere and watch the wreckage of the ship that sank near it in the year nineteen ninety-nine.

Koh Samui is located in the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand. It has an area of ​​about 60 km. The name of Koh Samui refers to the safe haven. It is also said that this name refers to the type of trees that spread in it. To remain isolated from their surroundings for long periods of time.
The island is one of Thailand's most famous islands, which rarely visit Thailand and do not visit Koh Samui. 
Its fame comes from numerous festivals to reflect the image of the country's cultural and cultural heritage, as well as its most famous festivals, the Buffalo Festival, The most famous of which is the local dishes exhibition which takes place in its streets. Koh Samui is famous for its scenic beaches, clean water, and luxury hotels, which are a haven for European tourists. It is worth noting that there is an ancient Chinese map indicating the island and its location.

Phuket Island 
Phuket is the largest tourist city in Thailand, one of the country's provinces. Bangkok is about eight hundred and sixty-three kilometers wide, followed by about thirty-nine islands of small size. The word "Phuket" means the hill, with many of the country's archeological landmarks, with museums and souks, as well as large tourist resorts. It also has a huge theater that offers legendary works that tell about Phuket, where hundreds are represented, as well as white baths and elephants.
The island enjoys its world-best beaches for diving, with its magnificent coral reefs.


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