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The Balearic Islands 
are islands located on the European continent, specifically in the Spanish province of Catalonia, located in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The Balearic archipelago consists of Majorca, Cabrera, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Square kilometers, located on the equator, between latitudes 40 degrees and 38 degrees northwards, between linear lines 1 degree and 4 degrees eastward, enjoying autonomous islands, taken from the Palma de Mallorca capital of the islands.

In 429 the islands were looted by the Carthaginians, and in 534 the islands were occupied by the forces of Giustignano, who in turn merged the area with the Carthaginians. The Byzantine Empire, and the islands were subjected to numerous occupations by religious kings, the Almoravid Empire, and the Monotheists until the Christian conquest of the islands in 1203 AD.

The area of ​​the crown of Aragon was enlarged during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries to reach the Mediterranean Sea. This contributed to the formation of the Balearic Islands in its present name. The Aragonese who ruled the region spoke the Catalan language at 80 per cent. Majorca in 1229 to begin a series of battles to occupy the whole area.

In the course of his war, James relied on indiscriminate killing, leading to the genocide of the population, and many of the Muslim survivors of the killings organized their ranks near the mountainous region. The Arab and Islamic cultures of the region were preserved for half a century. And Franco to the port of Mahon in January 1287 AD; to negotiate with the people of the island to surrender and to be under their rule.

Modern history 
The British troops occupied the island of Menorca for five years, following the Caliphate War between Habsburgs and Bourbon on Mallorca. In 1936 AD, the Spanish Civil War began, dividing the islands into two parts. The occupation of the islands of Formentera, Ibiza, and Majorca, and the forces attempted to take control of Menorca but failed.

In 1939, Franco was able to win the Menorca war after much help from Hitler and Mussolini, and the two regions under his rule. This year, the islands, represented by Catalonia, sought to divide the country from Spain. Many politicians believe that the region is gradually drawing closer to division.


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