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Belarus (or Belarus) is one of the countries that was subject to many decades to the former Soviet rule, the Republic of Belarus gained independence with the collapse of the Soviet Union and independence was declared in August of nineteen ninety-one. Nevertheless, the state still relies on the state-owned oriented economy, unlike most of its eastern European neighbors, and there is a close push to strengthen alliances with the current Russian republic and attempts to establish a federal state between them. Belarus is the capital city of Minsk, the country's main city, with nearly 10 million people.

Where Belarus is located ?
In Eastern Europe, Belarus covers two hundred and seven thousand and six hundred square kilometers. Forests account for 40 percent of this area. It is a landlocked country with no maritime borders, bordered to the northeast and east by the Russian Federation, to the south by Ukraine, to the west by Poland and Lithuania, and to the north-west by the state of Latvia.

Topography of Belarus 
Most of the land in Belarus is flat, with no mountains or hills, although there are many marshes in forested land. Belarus has multiple rivers that feed the country with sufficient water for agriculture, industry and population consumption.

Belarus' climate 
Although relative to Belarus, it is relatively high compared to the sea level, making it very cold due to the continental climate in the region and the lack of water bodies to reduce the coldness of the climate. However, this rise makes the summer temperatures very good to lode Moderate climate in that chapter.

Belarusian economy 
Belarusian economy is largely semi-socialist, with state-controlled production relations not yet disposed of, about half of the population in government-owned enterprises and enterprises, and private businesses owned by Belarusian citizens, Foreign investments are mostly from Eastern Europe or from Russia.

Natural resources 
In Belarus There are few natural resources in the country that are limited to small amounts of oil and natural gas, as well as stone mines from which the granite, chalk and limestone are extracted. The industrial production pattern has not changed much from the Soviet period. Belarus produces textiles and timber as basic products in its economy, as well as agricultural products and heavy agricultural machinery, such as tractors. This is in addition to agriculture, which is very active in the country due to the presence of water resources and the raising of livestock for commercial purposes.