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Georgia's capital, Tbilisi, is the largest city in Georgia. Its official language is Georgian. Its population is Georgian, its government is Republican, and its head of state is Georgi Margilashvili. Georgia became independent of the Soviet Union on April 9, 1909, and its adopted currency is Georgian, with its right-hand lane, and its official religion is the Orthodox Christian religion. Georgia has a population of 69,700 km, with a population of 4,385,000, including rural and minority Armenians, Russians, Greeks and Greeks. Georgia is also one of the first countries to convert to Christianity in the fourth century.

Where is Georgia ?
The Republic of Georgia is located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Georgia is located at the junction of Eastern Europe with West Asia. It is bordered to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, to the east by Azerbaijan.

History of Georgia
Georgia was under the Persian Empire and the Ottomans were a Christian kingdom, annexed by Russia in the year one thousand eight hundred and one. After its independence, the Soviet army occupied it and became officially under the control of the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Union returned to its independence, Georgia is now divided into two parts of the eastern and western part, and the western part is known as Kulkhis, and the eastern section known as Piberia in the eastern plateau. The Republic of Georgia is divided into nine regions, and two self-governing republics, which in turn are divided into sixty-nine provinces: Angaria, Ajaria, Samgrelozimosfanti, Guria and Imriti.

Nature in Georgia
Georgia's highest mountain is the Shkhara Mountain. The region is a mountainous mountainous chain with volcanic roots, and Georgia contains plateaus, lakes, mineral water and hot springs. Georgia also has two rivers: the Riony River and the Mtkvari River. And the Argabi River Straits. The deepest cave in the world is located in the mountains of the Occidental Western Caucasus. It is called the Furonia Cave, known as the Grovera Grotto Cave Cruise. Georgia covers tropical rainforests. The pine trees, beeches, resin and fir trees.

Places of Interest in Georgia
Georgia Aquarium: The largest aquarium in the world, contains more than eight million freshwater and saltwater. There are five underwater galleries that take guests on a water trip. It is an interactive exhibition of marine life with displays of snakes, jellyfish and sea horses. Jekel Island: Known as the Jewel of Georgia, is a historic landmark and one of the largest ongoing restoration projects in the southeastern United States. The Island includes grassland activities, camping, bird watching and horseback riding. Parks: such as the park Oquinoki Swamp Park Wild Adventures.