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Hanish Islands 
The Hanish islands are considered a group of islands located in the Red Sea and belong to the Republic of Yemen, which had disputes and trials between Yemen and Eritrea. Eritrea claimed ownership of the island of Hanish al-Kubra, but after the ruling was granted ownership of Yemen and Eritrea got the rest of the surrounding islands Which lies southwest of the island of Hanish al-Kubra.

The Hanish islands consist of several islands: Hanish al-Kubra, Hanish al-Soghra, Zaqar and several other small islands: the summit, the dahara, the melee, the northern round, the tectonic, the hikun, the quinn, the rock, the middle, Small size.

Hanish Island Location
It is located on the southern side of the Red Sea in the territorial waters of Yemen, west of the coast of the tourist city of Khokha. It is about 18-28 miles away from the coast of Yemen. It is about 130 meters from the south, and about 40 kilometers from the city of Al-Mukha. North. These islands differ in size and distance from the coast, but are similar in their sedimentary and rocky terrain. Despite the importance of these strategic islands being located on an international corridor, there is neglect by the Yemeni government, which is untapped and not invested, and there are no studies or geological surveys.

The island of Hanish al-Kubra 
is the largest of the Hanish islands. It is located on the southern side of the small island of Hanish (3.5) miles away from the city of al-Khokha (26) miles to the west and about 26 miles from the Yemeni coast. Km, most of the island's areas consist of mountains and rocky heights, with a high altitude of about 430 meters above sea level. It has a desalination plant, some generators and a navigational tower north of the island.

The Soghra island of Hanish
is the second largest island of Hanish in terms of area. It is a volcanic rocky island with mountain ranges. It has a rugged and rugged mountain, 415 meters above sea level, and several hills cut by deep valleys The coastline, covered by the coastal sediments of mud and volcanic ash, is located on the southern side of the island of Zaqar at a distance of ten miles. The area of ​​the island is about nine square kilometers.

The climate of the Hanish islands 
is similar throughout the year. Temperatures in the highlands range from about 30-38 in the summer, while the low areas are 60-60 degrees Celsius and humidity reaches 60% ), And the rainfall is generally low does not exceed (200) mm per year.


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