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Hong Kong 
Hong Kong, which is located in the Chinese Republic, is the official language of the Republic of China, in addition to the Cantonese language. Hong Kong's system of government is a partial, non-sovereign democratic system of government with an un-elected executive body.

Hong Kong Location
Hong Kong is located on China's southern coast, where it is located between the Pearl River Delta and the Chinese South Sea. Hong Kong is one of two administrative regions of China, and the second is the Macau region.

Independence of Hong Kong
There are three independence of Hong Kong; the first independence is its independence from the Nanjing Treaty; independence was in 1842, on August 29; the second occupation and independence was between 1941 and 1945; it was an occupation of the Japanese and independent of them. The time when the third independence was independence from China, this independence was in 1997 from birth, specifically on the first day of July. The area of ​​Hong Kong is estimated at about 1,000 square kilometers, and its population is estimated at about 7 million people, based on 2009 estimates of birth. The Hong Kong currency is the Hong Kong Dollar.

Hong Kong History
The Hong Kong region has been inhabited since prehistoric times and remained a small fishing village until the end of the Middle Ages, during which time it did not have much significance. Britain took control of Hong Kong in the 19th century in 1842, during which time the Hong Kong border expanded and annexed the Kowloon peninsula and many new provinces. In the 20th century, the area was occupied by Japanese troops during the war known as the Pacific War .
However, British forces were able to recover this area again, and Hong Kong remained colonized by British troops until 1997; it was returned to the Republic of China. During periods in which this area was subject to colonization, intervention was very limited and very large.

Hong Kong features 
Hong Kong as a link between East and West; this city includes the Chinese culture that originally existed, as well as the British culture that resulted from its colonization and occupation. This cultural integration between the two cultures is evident in many different and diverse fields . The city of Hong Kong is also an important international business center, and also has a very large area for recreational activities.