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Ibiza Island 
The island of Ibiza is one of the most famous islands in the Spanish archipelago called the Balearic Islands. The area of ​​Pisa is estimated at 571 square kilometers. Its population is 132,637,000. According to an old statistic, Ibiza is the most important tourist attraction in the Mediterranean. Worldwide, where its concerts, especially those held in the summer, are known.

Ibiza is located in the Mediterranean Sea, one of the islands known as the Balearic Islands, along the ninety-nine kilometers off the coast of Valencia. It is also one of the most popular and popular tourist islands in the country because of the beauty of its nature, its unique archaeological sites such as the Old Town, and many tourist spots and magnificent beaches. Ibiza is known as the Isle of Wight.

Ibiza climate 
The climate of Ibiza is a Mediterranean climate, as in other countries of the Mediterranean Basin. In winter, the weather is humid, but in the summer it is moderately hot, but on this island the temperature in summer is less than the temperature. The other islands that surround it, where winter temperatures are 15 degrees Celsius and the weather is rainy. In the winter, the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, and the summer is short, from June to September.

Ibiza's topography 
This Ibiza city, which is located to the south of the Spanish state, and despite its smallness, has taken on a great reputation, thanks to both the Hollywood representatives, as well as to the singers and artists of all kinds of arts, Especially because this island is the destination of all the rich people of the world, because it mixes the ancient island with ancient civilizations, and between modern and modern places. There are many museums and archaeological sites in this island, and the natural treasures, which are magnified by magnificence, increase their charm and encourage their visit.

The inhabitants of Ibiza 
This island was known for many civilizations, and it was known that the first civilization I knew was Phoenician; it was inhabited by the Phoenicians since 654 BC. After the Phoenicians were known and occupied by the Assyrians, the Romans came after them, and then there was a presence of the Byzantines, followed by the Muslims, whom they knew and whipped through the Maghreb and their rule of Andalusia. The last of its Muslim rulers, to return to the Christian era, in the year 1235 AD, and since this date to this day, is independent and is not affiliated with any state and its rule is subjective.


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