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Macau is one of the areas of the People's Republic of China. Macau was a Portuguese colony until the late 20th century and gained its independence only on December 20, 1999. Macau is defined as the Special Administrative Region, which is not subject to the same laws as the rest of China. In that Hong Kong region. Macau is one of the most tourist attractions in China despite its small area of ​​up to 30km², where there are many places where tourists can play gambling.

Macau Location
Macau is located on the southern coast of the People's Republic of China. The Macau region comprises the Macau peninsula, which was a separate island, but the accumulation of sand between the river banks led to the creation of a number of bazakhs that arrived between the island and Chinese territory through Zhuhai City. In addition to the Macau Peninsula, Taipa Island and the island of Colony are within the administrative area. To the northeast of Macau, 60 km away is the Hong Kong administrative district.

The climate of Macau
The subtropical climate in Macau is characterized by moderate humidity and clear variations in temperature between summer and winter. Macao has large amounts of rain in the spring and summer, because it is located in the southern hemisphere, while the winter remains dry and sunny due to the impact of the monsoon coming from China, as well as autumn, which is usually warm and sunny. The large amounts of rain falling annually with abundant water make Macau an area of ​​many forests and found some forests in the past, but the urbanization and development of Macau have led to the disappearance of these areas and transformed into neighborhoods in modern models.

Macau residents
Macau From densely populated areas to attract large numbers of migrants for jobs and more flexible laws in Macao, the vast majority of the population is Macao Chinese, while a minority of Portuguese origins exist. The official languages ​​of Macau are Chinese and Portuguese and a few native speakers speak Creole language. Birth rates in Macau are low and represent one of the lowest birth rates in the world, child mortality rates are very low, and the population density in Macau is increasing due to immigrants from China and other countries. Macau is experiencing an increase in illegal immigration rates, Local people at work.