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The island of Majorca 
is one of the islands located in the European continent, specifically in the Spanish country, located in the Mediterranean, and is the capital of the Autonomous Region in the Balearic Islands, with a total area of ​​3,640.11 km 2, and the population of more than 860 thousand people, The highest peak reaches 1445 meters above sea level. The island is affected by the Mediterranean climate; the winter is mild and the summer is warm and dry.

History of the island of Majorca 
In 1479, the Berber pirates of North Africa attacked the Balearic Islands, and a year later the King of France Philippe II and his advisers studied the evacuation of the islands entirely from the population. During the eighteenth century the Spanish Caliphate War took place, Families with the Spanish King under the Bourbon Dynasty.

In 1936, the island began to suffer a Spanish civil war aimed at leading the nationalists of Mallorca to reclaim the island for the Republic. Although the number of Republicans doubled their opponents, the other was able to push the Republicans from a distance of 12 kilometers, and during the first century The development of urban areas has contributed to the attraction of groups of migrant workers from outside the European Union, especially from the continents of Africa and South America.

The economy of the island of Majorca 
since the fifties of the last century and the island is a destination for tourists, which made him a major source of income in the first place on the island, and contributed to the island's economy in tourism, and since 2001 and the island of millions of tourists throughout the year by more than 9.5 The majority of these tourists are from Germany, the UK, Switzerland, France, Austria and Italy.

Major attractions in Majorca

Cathedral of Santa Maria: Built in Roman Catholic style during the reign of King James I of Aragon in 1229 in the city of Palma. 
Bellver Castle is a Gothic castle located on a hill 3 kilometers to the western side of the center of Palma, dating back to the 14th century under King James II. It is circular in shape and used as a military prison during the 18th to the 20th century. Twenty.
Valdemosa: It is a Spanish village built in the beginning of the fourteenth century, and is a tourist destination for many tourists because of its attractive location with the presence of many tourist services such as restaurants, resorts, and popular shops.


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