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Republic of Mongolia
The capital of the Republic of Mongolia is the city of Ulan Bator, where it is the largest city for the population, with about 45% of the total population in Mongolia living in this city. The territory of the Republic of Mongolia is 1.564.116 km², and is one of the nineteen independent countries in Asia, which is famous for its high density globally, With a population of 2.9 million and more, Mongolia is also the second largest country among the landlocked countries. This area is the home of animals near to extinction, where statistics show that the famous bear in that area, known as the bear Gobi has survived of only about 40 Dibba, and also find them home to the wild ass, and also wild camel.

The Republic of Mongolia Location
The Republic of Mongolia is located in the Asian continent, specifically in Central Asia, and Mongolia has no borders with many countries. Russia is bordered on the north, while China is bordered by the other three, namely the South, the West and the East. Mongolia's population is 30 percent nomadic or semi-nomadic. Shepherds have lived in Mongolia for many centuries, especially camel herders, which spread in most of the land despite the harshness of life.

Agriculture of the Republic of Mongolia
Most of its lands are covered by steppe and the most mountainous, especially from the north and west, and some desert lands in the south where there is the desert of Gobi, which is the second largest deserts in the world, covering the southern part of Mongolia Which is equal to one-third of the area. The state seeks to convert many of its lands from the status of the bor to the land of agriculture, and also to prevent overgrazing and the indiscriminate cultivation of forests.

Topography of the Republic of Mongolia
The Republic of Mongolia has the largest desert, and there are very high mountains covered with trees and grasslands, of which Mongolia is 25%. The most famous is the Altai Neuru, a famous forest in western Mongolia. It is always covered with snow most days. Which is 4374 meters above sea level.

Climate of the Republic of Mongolia
The Republic of Mongolia is one of the most affected by the global warming, which has led to the lack of rainfall and sometimes scarcity in most areas. The United Nations has prepared a special environmental program to support the Mongolian economy, especially in the area of ​​energy saving and water supply. To prevent further desertification from spreading in that country.