Where is Pakistan Located - Falous

Pakistan is located in the south of the continent of Asia. It shares its borders with a number of Asian countries, bordered by Jammu and Kashmir, the Karakoram Passage on the north side, China on the north east side, India on the east and south side and the Arabian Sea on the south side, The southwestern side, and Afghanistan on the western and northwestern sides.

Climate of Pakistan 
Pakistan has a hot and dry climate in the coastal areas, and the climate turns to cold with a gradual trend to the north-eastern highlands, and the winter season is dominated by cold and dry conditions, and the summer is dominated by hot weather, and start this warm atmosphere from March to June, Where the temperature rises to 49 degrees Celsius, while monsoon rains between June and September, the average rainfall is 38 cm in estuaries and 150 cm in the northern regions, although these figures are not fixed and can vary from year to year .

Religion In Pakistan
Almost all the people of Pakistan follow the Islamic religion, and Pakistanis can be observed to adhere to Islamic traditions and values ​​in almost every aspect of their lives. 

The language of Pakistan 
Is a multi-lingual language spoken by the Pakistani population. English is the official language used in the Pakistani ministries among the elite, as well as the Punjabi Tibetan language among 48% of the Pakistanis, followed by the Sindhi language, which is spread among 12% of the population. Are spread among 10% of the population, the Urdu language is spread among 8% of them, Balochi spread between 3% of them, and the language of the Hindu spread between 2% of them.