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Sanfir Island 
is an island of thirty-three square kilometers located in the eastern Strait of Tiran, the strait separating the Gulf of Aqaba from the Red Sea. Sanfir Island is an island belonging to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but the Republic of Egypt has leased it for use in the war with Israel.

In 1967, when Israel launched its war against the Arab states, the island and many other territories fell under Israeli occupation after the Arabs were defeated in that war. Terran Island, an area of ​​some eighty square kilometers, is also under Israeli control.

Name and features
The most important feature of these islands is its strategic location at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba, which overlooks the Straits of Tiran, Sharm el-Sheikh and Ras Hamid, and thus they control the Strait and the traffic in the port of Eilat; Israel needs to Is a sea port for Asia and Africa for shipping through the Red Sea. Through these islands, it ensures the maintenance of shipping lanes, which are used for import and export. These islands are filled with soft coral reefs of various colors, and those reefs cover a range of aqueducts, in addition to the existence of many caves and bottles hidden under the coral.

The island of Sanfir and Tiran are also under Israeli control since 1967, and in the military protocol laws for the Camp David Treaty, no Egyptian military presence is there, so that Israel ensures that Egypt will never control the island at all. International peacekeeping and multinational forces, and that is why Egypt has established a group of nature reserves on the island.

Tiran Island 
is located at the entrance to the Strait of Tiran, about six kilometers from the east coast of Sinai, the narrowest area in the Strait of Tiran, where the navigation from the port of Aqaba and the port of Eilat is passing. Currently, the island is full of minefields, , Characterized by pure water, and is therefore the first destination for lovers of diving.

In the past, the island of Tiran has been an important site for trade between India and East Asia. Recently, Saudi Arabia has proposed the construction of a bridge linking Saudi Arabia to Egypt, passing from the island of Sanafir and Tiran and connecting with Sinai. The aim is to facilitate tourism, transport and trade, Egypt did not approve the project and rejected it.


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