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The Republic of Singapore 
The Republic of Singapore is one of the countries of the Malay Peninsula in the Southeast Asia. The Republic of Singapore is the fourth most important financial center in the world. The port of Singapore is the fifth port in the world in terms of activity.

Location of the Republic of Singapore 
The Republic of Singapore is located on the southern tip of the peninsula separated from Indonesia by the Strait of Singapore, and by the Malaysia Strait of Johor. The Republic of Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in terms of economic activity and quality of life in the country. It is considered the most important commercial port in Southeast Asia for its maritime route connecting Western Europe and Mediterranean countries in the Far East.

Topography of the Republic of Singapore 
The Republic of Singapore consists of the island of Singapore and some other small islands located in the sea straits facing it. Singapore oversees the Malacca Strait, which separates Sumatra from the Malay. The Singapore-Singapore border, which is composed of the Straits of Johor, And railways. As for the surface in Singapore, the land is generally low, although there are some hills in the northwestern part of the country and the south-east as well.

Tropical forests cover some of these highlands, as well as many mangrove areas on the island's coastline. Large areas of these forests have been cleared, and these areas have been planted with many tropical and tropical fruits, which are supplied with water through small streams flowing from the highlands.

Climate of the Republic of Singapore 
The climate in the state of Singapore is tropical due to its average position on Earth. The most important characteristic of this climate is the temperature stability throughout the year. It ranges from 20 ° C to 35 ° C. In addition, humidity is high throughout the year , And heavy rainfall from November to January due to the monsoon, and rain does not stop the rest of the year, but it is less severe. Rainwater helps to irrigate agricultural areas, provide forests and a fertile environment suitable for agriculture.

Population of the Republic of Singapore 
The Republic of Singapore is a country with a high population density, and population growth rates were high until the 1980s when the effects of the government's birth control policies began in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty, and the society in Singapore consists of a large proportion of Chinese, to Along with other races such as Malay, Indians, Euro-Asians, and other races that migrated to Singapore in order to obtain better life opportunities. The indigenous Singaporeans were Malay fishermen, and they were able to maintain cultural identity largely despite the inter-ethnic overlap that occurred with the migration waves.