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Tiran Island 
Tiran Island is one of the islands in the Red Sea, specifically at the main entrance of the Strait of Tiran, which separates the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea. The total area of ​​Tiran Island is estimated at 80 square kilometers, along another island called Sanfir Island, Located in the Ras Muhammad Reserve.

Tiran Island 
is named Tiran by this name, which means sea waves, which are common names in the Saudi dialect, and the collection of Tiran.

The location of Tiran Island 
The location of the island of Tiran made it the focus of the enemy's eyes and the Israeli occupation, when it occupied the war against the Arab countries. The results of this war were the control of many areas belonging to the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. Control and control of the Strait of Tiran and its visibility on the Sharm el-Sheikh area, located in the eastern coastal areas of Sinai, and the Ras Humaid area in the western coastal area of ​​the Saudi Tabuk region.

No person with Saudi or Egyptian nationality can enter the island unless there is security coordination with the international forces present on this island.

Features of Tiran Island
One of the most important features of Tiran Island is the existence of islands and many coral reefs that float on the surface of the water. This island is one of the best places for people who prefer to dive, because it contains clear water, fresh and beautiful, The most beautiful forms of coral, and many of the water trips, which are by yacht in cooperation with Sharm El Sheikh, and is one of the most important ways through which the lines of navigation from the west, Which passes from the front area of ​​Sharm el-Sheikh. This island is one of the islands that used to pass through the commercial lanes that occur between India and East Asia. In the past, the island had a special station in the city, which collects taxes and customs on the goods that pass through it.


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